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Applications for a PhD in Interdisciplinary Landscape Management are now open

The PhD degree is provided in association with three Universities: Lisbon, Évora and Azores. Three years including a curricular year provided on-line with two common courses, three optional courses – that can be recognized from PhD courses provided by other universities - and a presentation of a thesis proposal with a comprehensive literature review, a justified research question and a replicable methodology.

It is a good value for your efforts, on time and money, to work together, from where you can be connected, with committed supervision on topics that interests not only science - achievable with refereed scientific publications - but also management for the sustainable development of the people, places and sites that you take responsibility.

Teresa Pinto Correia


José Manuel Lima Santos


Paulo Borges


Rosalina Gabriel


Nuno Almeida Ribeiro


Tomaz Ponce Dentinho


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